William has set up as a limited company and will work at your preferred location, at his office/home, or by telephone if needed, singly or in groups.

He will guarantee, or contractually agree to confidentiality and has already worked with very high profile people in many walks of public, sporting and artistic life.

His trust with your care is absolutely critical to his professional and personal reputation, credibility and future work in this or any other field.

Improve your game

William has worked with many sports people in differing disciplines to build confidence and remove fear of failure in their activities, teams or individuals.

He specialises in helping golfers where, as the great Lee Trevino is often quoted as saying…. ‘Golf is a game played 90% in the mind… the rest in the head…’.

Many people are aware of the importance of the Mind Game in most sports and it is particularly evident in the great game of golf. However, few practice this ‘crucial to success’ discipline or have no ‘tools’ or skills to use to develop the needed resources.

William helps solve these aspects with a variety of methods to invoke inner calm, great recovery techniques and programmes to practice, remove blocks…. some multiple years old… and shift you to the next stage of progression in your sport. He has several people willing to discuss success stories and will work with your teams, clubs or groups to give a high level view of what can be achieved.

William performs tailored sessions for golf clubs, mens or ladies sections, which include individual ‘fixes’ for specific challenges, Yips, retaining focus, fears of bunkers, water hazards, OOB etc.

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