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Somewhere in the world, a human is typing a question into a search engine expecting an answer. Somewhere in the world, this human is also quietly cursing the auto-correct function.
“Whilst I admit it is a handy feature…” the human mutters.
“…Don’t tell me what I want. How dare you!”
The computer stares back silently.
“Did you mean to say…?”
The human leaves the room.

This back and forth continues until the computer delivers an acceptable response, the human now content.

Specialising in pleasing humans on search engines and getting people the answers they need, this website was crafted by the crew at the Cornwall based SEO, web design and media agency: Solve Web Media

If you are serious about your online presence, then contact Solve.

“You are all so lovely over there at Solve…You’re all precious to me over there. Thanks again”
William Cairley

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