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For over fifteen years now, he has been studying alternative ways of learning and is now a trained and certificated Master (Business) Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming; a practising Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has followed his training with Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, Paul McKenna, Michael Breen, Michael Neill on Coaching Mastery and Clinical Hypnotherapy at the College of NLP in Manchester.

He is a keen member of Mindstore

The vehicle set up by Jack Black to train and promote Positive Mental Attitude in all walks of life. He has followed all of Jack’s training courses, from Mindstore for Life; Business; Advanced Course, The Next Step and his latest, The Island. William is a career business professional, focusing mainly on IT Systems and Telecommunications for the Financial Markets around the world, through the ranks to Managing Director.

William uses Hypnosis to get things “unstuck” faster than usual, letting people from all walks of life get back to having more fun and success in their day to day experience. On the rare occasion where he cannot fully change the situation, William has an extensive network of fellow coaches and either calls on help from there, or refers clients to another success coach. With his knowledge and experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy, he is fully aware of the impact of negative programming or thinking, on the body and knowledgeable in getting the right kind of ‘brain juice’ flowing to help heal the body and the mind.

Corporate achievementsWilliam has enjoyed many years of Corporate Life in large organisations performing roles across the board, travelling around the world, living in harmony in many different cultures. Now, coupled with this extensive experience, he has added multiple new ways of Learning (… and un-learning unimportant stuff from the past…), and is able to help, cure, or deliver FAST solutions in numerous walks of life.

His past and current experience has enabled him to get up to speed quickly and efficiently, and to eliminate waste in time and resources to resolve challenges. His new and varied ‘Toolbox’ enables him to to deliver what his clients need in their business life or relationships.

The law of attraction… You get more of what you focus on…. Just what are you putting your attention to right NOW?? Is this really what or who you want to be attracting??
Now you know!

He is a great listener and is very aware of the need for sensitivity in all areas of coaching and personal help.

William is also a golf ‘nut’, caddying occasionally on the European Tour for his ‘coachees’, great fun apart from the 50 pound bag!!…Loves his skiing, sailing yachts… in sunny climes… only…. travelling and meeting like-minded positive thinking, happy people!!!!

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