William is an experienced and practising Confidence Coach and takes people on a journey from where they are stuck in various aspects of life; business; sport; fears or phobias; relationships etc, to a position where they can help themselves, then are able move on to reprogramme their thinking and their lives. Most people succeed to change with him and feel an immense sense of freedom after just one session.

He also works as a Business Change Coach and facilitator and will deliver a variety of change or training programmes tailored to the client’s needs. With his experience as a working expatriate in multiple countries and cultures, he has the knowledge and ability to assist or coach people (families as well as the executives) in how to enjoy the life in new countries. His experience here is especially valuable to International Organisations who suffer when personnel drop productivity due to less than effective preparation for their new life abroad.

Successful people make goals! Winners focus on a specific way of writing, reviewing, and becoming passionate about goals and targets! The top 3-5% of achievers are more successful than the rest put together!!!
Now you know!

William is an experienced executive in multiple areas of business. A trouble-shooter in many of his previous roles, he is ideally suited to Interim Executive positions.

He has been heavily engaged at the most senior levels of business and government. His expertise in Outsourcing from both client and provider’s perspective gives him unique understandings of how to manage such transitions and suppliers both into and out of outsource situations for the benefit of your organisation.


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